Jan. 1966 Howa Keiki Seizousho Co., Ltd. was established.
President: Shotaro Yamada Senior
1-6-15, Chuo, Ohta-ku, Tokyo
June 1969 Office moved to 1-1-6, Minami Magome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo.
Dec. 1969 Shotaro Yamada Senior retired as president.
Kazumasa Yamada assumed the presidency.
Feb. 1976 Trade name was changed to YTS JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Sept. 1987 Chiba Manufacturing Plant commenced operation.
Dec. 1988 YTS Sales Co., Ltd. was established.
June 1996 Yotsukaido Plant commenced operation.
Nov. 2006 Sakura Plant commenced operation.
Mar. 2007 Head Office was closed and a temporary office was opened (in Kita Magome).
The Parts Warehouse and Assembly/Repair Departments were moved to Yotsukaido Plant.
Jan. 2009 Headquarters was moved to Yotsukaido Plant.
Nov. 2011 A Large solar panel array was installed on the roof of the Sakura Factory.
Mar. 2012 Kazumasa Yamada retired as president.
Hirokazu Yamada assumed the presidency.
Apr. 2013 A new Material Warehouse was constructed on the Sakura plant site.
May 2013 The Chiba plant was closed and all functions were consolidated into the Sakura plant.
Oct. 2013 YTS Sales Co., Ltd. merged with YTS JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2013 New International Sales Department established.
Jan. 2014 New joint venture company established in the Netherlands.
Aug. 2014 Representative sales offices established in India.