Plastics Injection Molding

The Sakura Manufacturing Plant is an environmentally controlled state of the art plastic injection molding facility with 13 screw type high pressure plastic injection molding machines ranging from 15 to 1,300 tons. YTS can produce many different precision pump parts manufactured from super-engineering type plastics such as PFA, PPS, PVDF, PP & PPG. With strict internal quality control practices, high quality, Japanese sourced raw materials, and with strict environmental control 24 hours a day 7 days per week, YTS is able to produce high quality, precise and dimensionally stable pumps for all kinds of chemical transfer applications.

Plastics Injection Molding Machines

1. J1300-SSII 1300t JSW
2. J850EII 850t JSW
3. J450EII 450t JSW
4. J350ED 350t JSW
5. SH280-APS 280t Sumitomo
6. J220ELIII 220t JSW
7. J200SA 200t JSW
8. J85AD 85t JSW
9. SH75-Ultra 75t Sumitomo
10. J55EL-III 55t JSW
11. SH50APS 50t Sumitomo
12. SH50 50t Sumitomo
13. S-2000i15B 15t FANUC