AODD Pump Capabilities

Dry Run

Diaphragm Pumps can Run Dry for extended periods with no damage to the pumps moving parts. Also when running dry the pump will not overheat.

#1. Dry running pumps will speed up and will consume higher amounts of air.
#2. Dry Running can negatively affect the life of PTFE Diaphragms.

Transfer Solids

Due to their unique design, liquid slurries as well as large sized solids such as beads, stones etc. can be pumped with ease.

#1 the allowable solid size is different for each pump and is determined by the ball valve dimensions.
#2 Abrasive slurries can be pumped however care should be taken that the wetted materials of construction are abrasion resistant.

Variable Flow Rates and Discharge Pressure

By adjusting either the air regulator or a liquid discharge valve, it’s possible to operate the pump anywhere between 0.1 liters per minute to full capacity. Liquid discharge pressure can be adjusted from less than 1 bar up to 8.4 bars, on some larger pumps.

Dead Head

A Diaphragm Pump can run against a semi closed or fully closed liquid discharge valve “Dead Head” without damage or wear to the pump. Therefore the Discharge Line may be closed fully at any time and even closed repeatedly. There will be no Power consumed, no Temperature increase and no damage to the pump, it will simply stop.

#1 Discharge Pressure cannot exceed Air Pressure so there is no need for a Pressure Relief System.


Diaphragm Pumps can operate dry and they also generate relatively high Vacuum Pressure, thus allowing the pump to Self-Prime.

#1 There is no need to use special mechanisms, equipment or special startup procedures to prime the pump.
#2 Pumps can operate both wet and dry and can self-prime repeatedly without damage.

Safely Transfer Flammable and Hazardous materials.

Diaphragm pumps are powered by compressed air and do not have any kind of electrical connections. They cannot overheat and they are cooled naturally during operation by the supply of compressed air. When correctly earthed, they are considered safe to use when pumping flammable liquids or when used in Explosive Environments.

Made in Japan

All YTS Pumps are designed engineered and manufactured in Japan. Every pump is torqued and tested prior to dispatch to ensure correct performance and optimal leak proof operation.